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The American Hair Research Society would like to share our enthusiasm for the new and exciting advances achieved by the organization and invite you to join us as a new member.New members can help advance the field of hair and scalp disorders. Our ability to further the society’s goals in hair research can be greatly facilitated by your membership in the AHRS.To become a member of the American Hair Research Society or for additional information about the AHRS and its activities, simply contact the Society through one of the contacts listed below.


Information about the American Hair Research Society (AHRS)

The American Hair Research Society (AHRS) was founded in 1990 by a group of dermatologists dedicated to furthering research in hair-related disorders. The Society has evolved in the interval to become a well-established non-profit organization composed of basic scientists, physicians involved in clinical research, dermatopathologists and industry partners with the express goals to promote and advance knowledge of hair biology, research in hair related areas and therapy or hair disorders.

There are several types of membership in the AHRS:

  • Active membership in the AHRS is limited to scientists and physicians engaged in basic and/or clinical research who will contribute scientifically to the activities of the Society. Active members have the right to attend membership meetings, vote, hold office, accept appointment to committees and councils and are obligated to pay dues and fees for social events.
  • Trainee members in the AHRS are physicians in training posts, such as residents or fellows, and/or post-doctoral fellows who are engaged in basic and/or clinical research. Trainee members may attend membership meetings and participate in discussions, are not obligated to pay dues but must pay for registration fees and fees for social events.
  • Honorary members

All AHRS members are eligible to attend the business and scientific luncheon of the American Hair Research Society held during the American Academy of Dermatology and the annual business and scientific meeting held in conjunction with the annual meeting of the Society of Investigative Dermatology. Members have access to the password-protected side of the NAHRS website where there will be frequent updates of research advances, research opportunities, therapeutic advances, hair disorders registries and chatroom/bulletin boards.


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